An Italian Classic

Basil is one of my favorite herbs.  I love the fragrant smell that takes over my senses when I pluck off a few leaves and hold them to my nose.

I have grown basil in my yard the last few summers. The first year’s planting, I had one plant which went crazy, producing loads of basil all summer long. A year later when I replanted it, for some reason, I did not get the same result, and barely harvested any.  This year I made sure I would have plenty to harvest, so I planted 4 starter plants. They got off to a slow start, but by season’s end, I had plenty to make my favorite sauce, Pesto!

I remember I would read pesto ingredient labels at the grocery store, wanting to buy a jar, but  would always place it back on the shelf disappointed, once I read the label, because no matter what brand I looked at, it would always contain nuts and cheese that I was allergic to.

And then I had a big revelation- making my own and using seeds instead of nuts, along with nutritional yeast instead of cheese.  After experimenting with various ingredients, I realized pesto can be made in so many ways with so many different ingredients. You just need to be creative and think outside the box.

Pesto is great as a pizza sauce, pasta sauce, sandwich spread, or even just for dipping.

Check out this pesto recipe on my Website.