5 Strategies for Better Sleep

Do you ever have problems falling asleep once your head hits the pillow?  Or do you fall right to sleep, only to wake up in a couple hours and can’t seem to get back to sleep?  I feel your pain- I’ve been there.  I would lie in bed for hours and couldn’t shut my mind off.  Each night I milled over the day’s events and then planned for my next day, then I moved on to solving the world’s problems in my mind, hoping there would still be time left to finally shut it off and go to sleep before my alarm went off.

I would then fall asleep only to wake up 2-3 hours later.  This can be a common problem with people who suffer with adrenal and thyroid disorders. It is unfortunate that many people go undiagnosed with these disorders because conventional doctors don’t always test for adrenal dysfunction. Testing for thyroid disorders (if conducted) are not full panel tests, but only test TSH levels or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels.  If they do run a full panel, it may only show there are plenty of active T3 hormones in the blood, but it won’t show if T3 is actually getting into the cells.  You’re told your thyroid is fine, but you are still displaying all the symptoms and no one understands! Believe me, I hear you!

Here are five techniques I have incorporated that have helped me tremendously.

1. Yoga and Deep Breathing- I was never one to sit still long enough for the slow movements of yoga, let alone deep breathing and meditation- or as I like to call it clearing my mind.  Anything with a little practice can become habit.  Once I got the hang of it, I noticed my mind was much calmer when my head hit the pillow at bedtime.

2. Low-Blue Light Products & Electronics-  I try not to be on my computer or surfing my cell phone after 9pm.  The light emitted from these devices can sabotage your body’s melatonin production, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.  My functional medical doctor suggested I order low blue light bulbs from https://lowbluelights.com . These products are designed to help the body induce melatonin.

I purchased two light bulbs and then saw they had special glasses.  They also make screen filters to fit cell phones, TV’s and computers.  Using these products after the sun goes down in the evening helps your body start promoting sleep. Although the sleeping glasses cost a bit more, they work great for me while watching TV or reading in bed and I can take them with me when I am out of town, so I do highly recommend the glasses.  They aren’t the most stylish (my family calls them my gargoyle glasses), but they have helped me tremendously.

3.  Not Going to Bed Hungry- A big reason I wake up in the middle of the night is due to my blood sugar dropping during sleep.  It signals my body to wake up and if I don’t eat something then I can’t get back to sleep-even if I don’t feel hungry.  Since sleep time is the longest amount of time we usually go without food, our adrenals and thyroid can be very demanding when they are not functioning properly, causing a drop in blood sugar while we sleep,.   I always make sure I do not go to bed hungry, even eating a little protein snack before turning in. I also keep a mixture of fruit juice for the sugar, coconut milk for the fat, and a collagen-gelatin plain protein powder, along with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, mixed together by my bedside, so that if I wake up I can take a couple sips to help me get back to sleep.

4.  Going to Bed at a Decent Hour- I try to be in bed between 10 and 10:30 pm each night.  Everyone needs enough sleep for their body to function properly.  The more stress the body is under, the more sleep is needed to do repair work.

5.  Essential Oils- My sleep has improved tremendously with the use of essential oils.  I don’t use a blend, but instead have my favorites of lavender and frankincense.  I apply a few drops of both to my feet and wrists mixed with coconut oil. Sometimes I mix it with olive oil, but other carrier oils will work.  I also add a few drops of lavender to a diffuser in my bedroom to run while I sleep.  It is best to purchase pure 100% essential oils from a reputable company. I use oils from Nature’s Sunshine. They also have a blend called Refuge that is calming.  It contains lavender, orange, cedar, ylang-ylang, vanilla and blue tansy.

Do you have strategies you’ve incorporated to help you with a more restful sleep? Share with us!

Susan Hardesty-Ritenour is a certified health and wellness coach as well as the author of Love Your Food Again: Ingredient Substitutions for Allergy-Free Living and the founder of Gaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Health and wellness coaching.  She also conducts cooking workshops on healthy cooking utilizing allergy-friendly ingredients.

Visit Susan on her Facebook page, Gaining a Healthy Lifestyle and her website, Gainingahealthylifestyle.com where you can download a free PDF chapter from her book on gluten-free flours.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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